Manly Charcoal Chicken
Manly Charcoal Chicken

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100% Lilydale Free Range Chicken

Situated around the corner from the iconic Manly Beach and only a 4 minute walk from Manly Warf, Manly Charcoal Chicken is right in the heart of the suburb making it the ideal location for locals and visitors to indulge in fresh, tasty and 100% Lilydale free range chicken.
Lilydale Chicken

Manly charcoal chicken's own Barista

Since we opened, we quickly positioned ourselves at the forefront of the charcoal chicken industry allowing us to expand Manly Charcoal Chicken in April 2019 to accommodate the growing customer demand. The expansion of the space has seen several in store upgrades to further add to the customers experience, with the remodeling of the shop and the addition of a coffee station and experienced barista.
Coffee at Manly Charcoal Chicken Shop

chef nigel – cooking up a storm

You also can’t go past Manly Charcoal Chicken without giving a thumbs up to our talented Chef. Boasting 10 years of industry experience, Chef Nigel has added to the quality taste. Creating and making all the sauces and marinades from scratch in house from his own recipes, Chef Nigel has created flavours that cannot be found anywhere else!
Manly Charcoal Chicken Wraps

Lilydale chicken cooked over a charcoal pit

Every piece of chicken is perfectly seasoned and cooked over a traditional charcoal pit, ensuring every piece is of the highest quality to create a mouth-watering and unforgettable flavour.
Chicken Wings at Manly Charcoal Chicken Shop

wide range on our menu - and catering!

Our menu caters for everyone, ranging from family meals, wraps, rolls and salads. Manly Charcoal is the perfect stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner and your daily coffee fix! PLUS get in touch with us today to enquire about our catering service designed to ease your mind for your next event planning.
Egg and Bacon Roll at Manly Chicken Shop

36 Belgrave Street, Manly

Manly Charcoal Chicken
36 Belgrave Street, Manly
(02) 9976 0408 | 0418 608 412
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Manly Charcoal Chicken
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